Santa Cruz de Tenerife (EFE) .- Canary Coalition (CC) National MP Ana Oramas announced on Friday that she had decided to return to regional politics, adding that the only condition she placed for this was to stay , and therefore no longer be a candidate in the general election.

Ana Oramas, who was regional deputy and mayor of La Laguna, told Radio Club Tenerife that in these “so difficult” times that are coming to the Canary Islands and the country has made the decision to contribute more to its land by the level regional

Ana Oramas acknowledges that it is as important to contribute from regional policy as it is nationally and indicated that both her party’s general secretary, Fernando Clavijo, and the island party, Francisco Linares, have asked if they can count on her “and I told them yes. “

He assured that he does not think he is in an executive position or to run for the Cabildo de Tenerife, but rather to “return” to regional policy in the Parliament of the Canary Islands, and “I have only placed the condition that if I come it is to stay”, because, he added, “I’m not coming and then” I am running for political elections.

Ana Oramas is convinced that she has a lot to contribute to the team her party is putting together and that CC has the opportunity to re-rule the Canary Islands and the main institutions of the Autonomous Community.

But, he stressed, the important thing “is not to win the elections” but “to have the best teams to then win and help the Canary Islands”. EFE

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