Barcelona, ​​September 22 (EFE) .- The Generalitat Secretary General of Education, Patrícia Gomà, has assured that she will appeal against the two ordinances issued by the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TJSC) which oblige two schools where the measure has already been applied with caution to keep 25% of Castilian.

Gomà insisted this Thursday in statements to the press that there is a new “regulatory framework” that makes the two judicial orders “inapplicable”, and that the TSJC has expressed itself to this effect “with different resolutions” since last July, and has accused the court to “legal stonewall” and “distort the arguments”.

“We and the whole country defend this regulation, this new regulatory framework”, Gomà specified, adding that what the court says is that the centers where the 25% was previously applied “must prove” that “there has been this revision of linguistic projects, as determined by the new regulations “.

The Secretary General of Education stressed that, until now, the TSJC had refused to accept new precautionary measures in the judgments of the month of July, and that now what it has done is to rule on situations preceding the new legal framework approved by the Generalitat. to put a lot of 25%.

Gomà also expressed that they are “in contact with the educational centers” that currently apply 25% and that they will call them next week, despite having scheduled a meeting tomorrow, in order to “explain the legal arguments against the resolution.”

Regarding language learning, the Secretary General for Education indicated that this must be decided “with a pedagogical criterion” and that they are against the “extreme and infinite judicialization” to which the court is leading.

The TSJC thus ruled for the first time on schools subject to precautionary measures, after acknowledging last June that the ruling imposing 25% of classes in Spanish cannot be applied after the new law passed by Parliament, which is now in the hands of the Constitutional Court.

While waiting for the TC to pronounce on the constitutionality of the new law, the Generalitat had requested the revocation of these provisions in schools where 25% of Spanish was applied by judicial decision, but the litigation-administrative chamber of the TSJC believes that the new legislation ” does not necessarily prejudice the precautionary decision adopted “.

The orders of the TJSC “expressly warn the Administration that any changes it intends to make to these provisions must be approved by this court”.

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