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London, (EFE). – Between 25,000 and 50,000 euros. This is the price range to see Roger Federer one last time. Tickets to attend the Laver Cup have skyrocketed thanks to the Swiss, who will delight audiences with his latest rackets at one of London’s most exclusive events.

And that Laver does not stop being a practically show-off tournament, even if it now has the support of the ATP and the wins and losses count towards the official tally of the circuit. Obviously it does not distribute points for the ranking.

But the tournament, organized by TEAM8, the representative agency that Federer himself directs together with his long-time agent, Tony Godsick, remains a unique piece of the circuit, to compare the best players in Europe with those from the rest of the world. and to be able to see unique scenes, like enjoying Federer and Rafael Nadal together in the same doubles team, or the Swiss and Novak Djokovic who are also couples on the pitch.

To the morbidity of being together with the ‘Big Four’, composed of Nadal, Federer, Djokovic and Andy Murray, for the first time in history, was added the last minute surprise that this will be the last tournament of the Swiss, which will be he will no longer play any official competition after this weekend.

This broke the ticket price bank. A ticket for the tournament appeared months ago on the official website, at the maximum price of 375 pounds (430 euros), a figure appropriate to the economic level of the British capital, used to paying thousands and thousands of euros to attend Wimbledon.

The London public, in fact, is not surprised by this list, since the Masters Cup, the flagship of the ATP, has been played for thirteen years at the O2 in London. The same scenario as this Laver Cup, for which prices have skyrocketed.

Entering the tournament is like getting a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. With the only difference that this time it is not necessary to seek fortune in chocolate bars, but to go to the resale.

The most expensive tickets, those for Friday, the only day Federer will play, range from € 25,000 to € 50,000. A last golden opportunity to lower the curtain on a career that spanned 24 years and left in its wake 20 Grand Slams, 310 weeks at the top, 103 titles, two Olympic medals and over 1,250 victories, as well as earnings only in prizes that reach 130 million euros.

To support Laver, a tournament now in its fifth edition, Federer has the support of the Australian tennis federation, the US federation and the Brazilian banker Jorge Paulo Lemann.

Furthermore, there are several brands that have not hesitated to join Federer’s initiative, which since its inauguration in Prague in 2017, has passed through Chicago, Prague and Boston, and which after London will fly to Vancouver in 2023 and Berlin in 2024.

The main sponsors of the event are Rolex, Credit Suisse and Mercedes Benz, brands also linked to Federer, which they feed every year with several million euros.

To these must be added the presence at the O2 of Uniqlo, the clothing brand that wears Federer and which in ten years has inundated him with 300 million. The Japanese provide clothes to all tournament employees.

Within the “fan zone” of the tournament are the Head racquet brand, the UPS courier, the Swiss tourist office, which has a space reserved for the exit of the O2, and even the Rafael Nadal Academy, which sponsors the its training programs in Manacor.

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