Madrid (EFE) – “benefiting those who have more.”

Torres today met with the Minister of Social Security, José Luis Escrivá.

Both have presented themselves to the press to highlight the good data on employment in the Canary Islands and the increase recorded in this legislature in the families of people with insufficient income who receive public aid.

“When we came to the government there were 5,600 families with aid and now 37,000”, Torres recalled, while Escrivá stressed that “the beneficiaries of the minimum living and protective income of the Canary Islands are a total of 65,000 people. This shows how the different ideologies are reflected in politics ”.

In his appearance before the media, the president of the Canary Islands answered a question about a possible re-centralization of taxes to avoid competition between regional governments.

The issue referred to the announcement by the Andalusian president, Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla, to abolish, like the government of Madrid, the wealth tax, which was in turn followed by the announcement of other tax cuts by the government of Murcia, chaired by López Miras, from the PP, like the two mentioned above.

“How do you say this means bringing companies, when it means benefiting those who have the most? Whoever makes these policies gives scholarships to those with the highest income and not to those with the lowest income, or ends up closing, as in Madrid, the health or emergency centers, when what we have to do is take the practice the defense of public health ”, reproached Torres, in direct reference to the popular Isabel Díaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid.

Escrivá, for his part, once again denied having talked about fiscal re-centralization (“a false controversy based on something I never said”).

Torres, for his part, insisted that “it is right that those who earn more, for example due to rising energy prices, pay more to help families”.

Escrivá recalled the agreement between the two administrations in support of those who suffer most from the price increase due to the war in Ukraine and, in this sense, he defended that the good work done to protect employment in the Canary Islands during the The pandemic is now taking place even in the face of this new challenge.

And he defended his statements with data such as “from this ministry we protect one in five Canaries, who are pensioners who, regardless of inflation, have guaranteed purchasing power”.

“In the Canary Islands, in the last year, employment has grown by 8%; Another 60,000 canaries have jobs. And not only does it create employment, it is also of quality. And to this is added the stability generated by the labor reform ”, added Escrivá. EFE

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