At the end of 2017, General Motors was the first car manufacturer to launch a hands-free driver assistance system from Cadillac CT6. However, until recent months, the large Cadillac sedan that was discontinued in early 2020 was the only car that provided this feature. This situation is changing rapidly now, as Cadillac Escalade, CT4, CT5 and Chevrolet Bolt EUV offer Super Cruise as part of a plan to offer it on more than 20 models in the next two years. When the refurbished GM GM GM 1.3% C Sierra pickup truck arrives in 2022, it will take the system to a whole new level.
Depending on the exact release time of the updated Sierra-expected in the first half of 2022-Sierra may not be the first full-size pickup truck equipped with a partially automated hands-free driving system. The Ford F150 is expected to receive a wireless software update sometime this summer to enable the companys BlueCruise system. However, the GMC pickup will have some important features that the F150 lacked at launch.
As part of a major update for the 2022 model year, Sierra and its sister Chevrolet Silverado models will switch to a new and more modern electrical and electronic architecture, which GM currently refers to as the Vehicle Intelligence Platform (VIP). VIP includes a wide range of updates, including faster network connections, increased computing power, and wireless software update (OTA) support for all computers in the car.
VIP has been included in CT4, CT5, Corvette and GM’s latest full-size SUV. Cadillac has provided the second-generation Super Cruise system, while Bolt EUV still uses the original version with an older E / E architecture. The improved 2022 Silverado will be launched at about the same time as the updated Sierra, and will provide the same Super Cruiser features. Around that time, the 2021 Escalade will get the same upgrades on Sierra and Silverado, while CT4 and CT5 will have automatic lane changes (they do not support traction). The new GMC Hummer EV will have an automatic lane change function during launch and towing upgrades. The 2022 Cadillac XT6 still uses the old non-VIP architecture, so you will get the same original feature set as CT6 and Bolt EUV.
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second-generation Super Cruise already has features that BlueCruise lacked when it was first launched, including on-demand lane changes, and it Can be used on a wider road network (more than 200,000 miles in North America, and BlueCruise only about half). Change lanes on demand to activate Super Cruise, which automatically executes the lane change after the driver touches the turn signal post and the sensor determines that everything is normal.
Super Cruise assistive technology will launch on GMC Sierra 1500 Denali in late 2022.
Super Cruise assistive technology will launch late on GMC Sierra 1500 Denali … [+] GENERAL MOTORS
GM invited a group of media and analysts to its Milford testing ground to drive some 2022 Sierra prototypes and experience the Super Cruise The latest upgrade. Beginning with the Sierra launch, Super Cruise will add features that can automatically change lanes and overtake without driver intervention, and can be operated while towing a trailer. The
Hummer will also be the first model to be equipped with GM’s new Android Automotive infotainment system (including Google Maps). When using Google Maps for navigation, it will provide route options, showing which roads are available for Super Cruise. During our visit to Milford, GMC covered the interior of the truck so that we could not see any screens, which may indicate that the updated truck will also have this feature. We will have to wait until the end of the year to confirm.
Automatic Overtaking
Super Cruise is not the first to provide automatic overtaking. Tesla TSLA 0.9 added this feature to the enhanced autopilot in 2019. But to this day, Tesla’s driver assistance features (including mislabeled fully automated driving) remain manual systems, although Tesla’s execution is not very robust. Super Cruise will be the first system to fully allow automatic lane change, with no driver interaction other than keeping watch on the road.
Starting from Sierra, Super Cruise will offer three options, the driver can choose in the configuration when changing lanes. The default is automatic and the driver can also choose to change lanes or not change lanes on demand. The latter has essentially the same function as the original CT6 and the current Bolt EUV. Escalade is the first to launch an on-demand lane change. When the driver touches the turn signal post in any direction, the system will execute the lane change.
After enabling automatic lane change, whenever a Super Cruise equipped vehicle encounters a vehicle slower than the currently set speed, the sensor will check the left lane to determine if the lane is clear and provide a signal Acoustic When Safe to Move, Super Cruise Lane change will be executed unless the driver touches the turn signal lever to cancel tampering. Once slower vehicles have been safely avoided, Super Cruise will return to the original lane. Although General Motors engineers have established proper lane rules for Super Cruise, when passing on the left and then leaving the lane, if the left lane is blocked and the right lane is unobstructed, the system can also pass from the right.
Another major update is enabled

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