What’s in the name? In this case, the workload is heavy. Cleveland Indians officials made sure they did their best before picking a new name for the team, to ensure no effort was spared, the name was announced on social media Friday, and actor Tom Hanks recounted a dramatic video of Tom Hanks. It is the city of your long-term adopted son.
At the end of the 2021 Major League season, the Cleveland Indians will become the Cleveland Guardians. The name Guardian refers to the stone sculptor who has stood at both ends of the Hope Memorial Bridge as a “traffic warden” for nearly 100 years, located in the shadow of Progress Stadium.
“In our research, three key themes emerged, and the Guardians reflect these three themes,” said Indian Chief Paul Dolan. “First, connect with the city of Cleveland in a real and authentic way. Second, pay tribute to our rich MLB history. Third, unite our communities.”
The colors of the Indians will remain the same: Red, White and Navy Blue. The new logo will be a baseball sandwiched between two wings, which Indian officials say is a tribute to the organization’s strong pitching history.
Dolan said the organization “allows the knowledge of the fans to drive our decision making. In the search for a new name, we looked for a name that strongly reflects the pride, tenacity and loyalty of the people of Cleveland. The Guardians embodies these defining attributes and is based on the iconic traffic guards, these guards stand proudly outside Progressive Field. ”
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This election sparked a debate among supporters and critics over the new name, but Indian officials cannot be blamed for not doing their homework.
“In recent months, We surveyed 40,000 fans, community leaders, and reception staff, and conducted 140 hours of interviews. We considered 1,198 potential names, “said Brian Bar, president of Indian Business Operations. Lun said.” Three key themes emerged: connecting the city, commemorating Cleveland’s baseball history, and bringing the community together. ”
Barren also emphasized that the new team name, colors and jerseys are “in keeping with our current brand.”
“Our colors have been part of this organization for 80 years, our scripts have been part of our brand for 75 years, and our uniforms will continue to maintain the same style than before, “he said.
Indians head coach Terry Francona’s experience at Cleveland Baseball Club is more than just a casual history. He fully agrees with the team’s changes.
“I don’t know if anyone has more connections with the Cleveland Baseball Organization than I,” Francona said. “I spent the first six years of my life here, and my father enjoyed the best time of his career. I came back here as a player (1988) and then as a special assistant (to baseball (Operation Department) back, I have been a manager for the past nine years. That’s why I have a huge connection, affection and respect for this organization. I am very proud of the work our employees have done in this area. We are working hard to be the best Cleveland organization and to represent the City of Cleveland in the way it deserves.
Indians pitcher Zach Plesac said he found his team’s new name on social media Friday morning.
“This is very exciting. This is what we are going to accept,” he said. “We are uniting this city in the right direction. This is an important step in the right direction. I will be happy to wear a Guardians T-shirt. Representing the Cleveland team means everything to me. “The
Cleveland team was called the Blues when it joined the American League as a founding member in 1901. It was renamed the Bloomjoss in 1902. Since 190314, this team has been called the Snooze team in honor of Hall of Fame players And coach Napoleon Rajoy.
In 1915, the team was renamed Indios. This name was first used in the name associated with the team in the late 1890s. With the arrival of Luis Socalexis, the Penobscot Indians were there. Times became a popular player when Cleveland was a national league.
Beginning in 1915, for the next 106 years, the Cleveland team was called the Indians, and this name will be renamed the Guardians at the end of the 2021 season.
“We admit that for some of us, the change will be difficult and the transition it will take time, “said Dolan. “I’m a fifth-generation Cleveland native, so I understand this. The Indians will always be a part of our history, just as Cleveland will always be a part of our identity.”

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