This section aims to introduce the world of climate change and renewable energy. CleanTechnica has published more than 40,000 articles since its establishment in 2008. However, it takes months to read all the articles, so the following is a synthesis of the key parts of the puzzle.

Basics of Renewable Energy
These articles cover at least what you need to know about climate change and how to overcome it. They explained how 100% renewable energy has become possible and modeled, why it costs less than what we pay for energy now, and why the real issue is motivation rather than technology to avoid a 1.5° increase in global temperature C or more.
In addition, there is no need to apply hydrogen and nuclear energy because they are inefficient and more expensive than solar/wind/energy storage. When you can pay less, why pay more than you pay now?

Climate Change Scenarios: The latest summary of climate change, sea level rise and carbon bubble forecasts Energy and solar energy can and should be the goal, with lower cost
100% WWS Part 1: New Jacobson’s research replaces 99.7% of fossil energy, saving a lot of money
100% WWS Part 2: Jacobson
100% WWS Part 3: Jacobson’s new research leans toward the Green New Deal
Why nuclear power, carbon capture fossils, and biofuels are excluded from the New Deal. Green has financial and climate significance. -#RealityCheck
Does Tesla produce more pollution than traditional cars? Not! (Note: If electric vehicles produce more pollution, then opponents should agree with them completely, because they will be more than those advocated by opponents, especially considering deregulation.)

Fear of progress
Why Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles lack competitiveness-from hydrogen fuel cell experts
Toyota Corolla vs. Tesla Model 3-5-year cost comparison
Osborne’s impact on the automotive industry
Global free-fall fossil car sales-4.7 Decrease in 2019 %! Electric vehicle sales continue to grow-CleanTechnica report
More background on the unending heart
Since there is more than one way to skin a cat, there are more than one possible ways for 100% renewable energy. Besides electricity, there are many things to consider. 4,444 CleanTechnica Highlights from 2019 and 10-Year Highlights!

New study Mark Z. Jacobson maps out a roadmap for 100% renewable energy
70%, 80%, 99.9%, 100% renewable energy research center
10 solar energy that you (and everyone) They should know Facts and Figures
The 1.5 Degree Warming Compliant with Clean Tech Solutions is Proven and Scalable
Female Leaders Are Rising – Empowered, We Are Unstoppable
Investing in Fossil Fuels = Burying Money – Fuel of the Century XX is still underground
Air Pollution Slowly Killing Us All, New Global Research Claims
24 Questions Show Nuclear Weapons Not the Answer
Energy Storage in 2020 – It’s No Longer Just About Ion Batteries lithium
Combining solar energy and agricultural benefits

Future challenges
This is who we are now Location is also the problem we face. Things seem serious, but they don’t have to be this way all the time. Whether we go backward, forward, or fast forward is a collective decision we make.
“Not a Country” is expected to limit global warming to 2 ° C
2 Key climate change issues most people don’t know about
Announcements from atomic scientists left the doomsday clock at midnight 2 minutes
As we enter 2020, it is time to reconsider, what is the role of the media? What is the role of CleanTechnica? Chapter
What Is The Role Of The Media?

Desperate but effective attempt by scientists to silence the climate
Chevron fig leaf Part 1: Carbon engineering Burning natural gas to capture carbon from the air
Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 5 Part 6 , Part 7, Part 8
Yang will spend US $ 3 trillion on residential solar energy, but the same money can completely decarbonize the grid
Carbon dioxide emissions from cement are solved technically, but not economically.
Rapid degradation of agricultural land forces hundreds of millions of people to migrate in the next 3 years.

The study found 3 ways
cities can protect low-income residents from the effects of climate change
This stealth terrorist killed an estimated 53,000 Americans last year
Incentives and challenges
The technical tools needed to combat climate change now They’re available. The reason it did not happen on the necessary scale is that it was not required by the critical population. Although many people said they wanted to defeat him, relatively few people voted at the polls or with their own dollars.

Tribute to the paradox
Want to be a tech optimist? Here are some basic guidelines
Cognitive science provides tools to reject climate deniers
Climate change “skepticism”: 6 overlapping factors
Climate deniers would rather see the continent burn than make mistakes
When we will all die buying oil, gas and coal?

The cost of rejection
Rejection not only hinders progress, it often leads to some actions as well, adding additional obstacles to progress and even destroying progress rather than achieving it.
50 Ways to Stop the Electric Vehicle Revolution: A Complete Guide for Idiots
A New Right-Wing Strategy Is Coming: A Fake Climate Solution
How Market Forces Give Power Companies Political Power
FERC Supports Fossil Fuels , Renewable Energy Forces and Prices Match 4,444 CNBC Tesla “Top” Reports in the Last 6 Years 4,444 Oil and Petrochemical Companies Want You to Pay to Protect them from Climate Change. (Note: this is not a satirical article.)

FUD Solution
One of the ways opponents impede progress is to argue about fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD): this is impossible, too expensive or worse than the status quo. . Fight


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