The Seville City Council today inaugurated the first charging station for electric scooters powered by solar roads in Spain. The first
pilot station is located in the city center, with 7.6 square meters of passable photovoltaic pavement, with a power of 1 kW and connected to a 2.4 kWh battery, enough to power 12 scooters to the day.
“The same charging station [will now be installed] in another area of ​​the city,” a spokesperson for Spanish startup Solum told Photovoltaic Magazine. The objective is to evaluate and analyze the plan in the coming months and lay the foundations for the next public tender for services. ”
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The system covers an area of ​​7.6 square meters.
Image: Solum’s photovoltaic innovation The aim of the City Council of
is to build up to 200 charging stations of this type, enough to accommodate about 2,400 scooters.
Spain has a high level of solar radiation, although people are skeptical of this technology, more and more solar roads are being built. As part of Puertos del Estado’s strategy to achieve complete decarbonization of the port area by 2030, Solum itself installed the first solar pavement in the port area of ​​Valencia.
In addition, the Barcelona City Council selected Plaça de Les Glòries Catalanes, a historic square, as the site of a future 50-square-meter demonstration project to test the viability of solar pavements.

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