It’s more like now. Fans in the seats. Live national anthem. The ceremonial first game. Red, white and blue flags. Fireworks will be set off after the game.
It was a festive Friday night in the stadium, where the track team postponed their “reopening” until the weekend of July 4, and the Red Sox were in town because it was more expensive than the weekend series against the Rangers. Much lively.
To make the celebration even more exciting, Elvis Andrews hit a home run in the ninth inning, which was his first game on the track team; yes, Elvis finally left the building. What the
A fans lack is a victory for the home team. The Red Sox lost 32 points in 10 innings, which was the third loss in four home games.
Kiké Hernández hit a broken bat single and won the lead o Now it looks more like this. Fans in the seats. Live national anthem. The first ceremonial game. Red, white and blue flags. Fireworks after the game.
It was a festive Friday night at the stadium, Team A postponed their “reopening” on the weekend of July 4, there were some hot Red Sox in town because they were playing the Rangers in the middle of the week.
made the celebration even more eventful. Elvis Andrews homered in the ninth. This was his first A-game, yes, Elvis finally left the building. The only thing missing for fans of team
A is a victory for their hometown team. They lost 32 points to the Red Sox in 10 innings. This was the third loss of the four games at home.
Kiké Hernández scored a single break in the top of the 10th inning and then hit Seth Brown in the third inning.
“This game feels like a playoff game,” Andrews said. “This is a team that will mix like us. Great game, great day. Unfortunately, we are not among the best.”
Brown finished second at the start of the extra round, at Jed. Jed Lowrie ranked third in the game, but after Sean Murphy flew to the center of Hernandez, he doubled at home. DH Frank Schwindel flew in to end the game.
So, Brown didn’t score from second in a single game (he hesitated until he passed the ball), nor did he score on a potentially euthanized flight. Manager Bob Melvin used a gripper runner, Skybolt, but for Lowry, he said, “Brownie ran very well. Brownie and Bolt worked well.”
was in the three-pointer After losing two points to the lower Rangers team, although there is no mandatory use of masks or keeping distance, the series attracted only 14,241 people, and the track team faced a difficult task.
The Red Sox ended their 70-year homestay with a cap of 151 and lost to the Royals, which made them the highest record in the American League.
Of course, many Boston fans are at home, just like the visit of the Red Sox. But they paid to enter and contributed to the largest crowd of team A since 2019, 32,304, which broke out when Lowry hit a monster home run at the bottom of the seventh inning.
“They helped me get rid of some situations. This gave me extra energy,” A’s starter Frankie Montas said of the fans, who witnessed the first live national anthem and first game of the season ceremony.
Enough fans appeared and waved around the stadium. Although some people may not like this wave, it is great to see enough people present to finally achieve this goal.
However, the track team is not without complaints. Management is angry with BART’s decision not to operate late trains to accommodate fans / taxpayers who want to stay to watch the fireworks.
This is the reason why A announced on Thursday that they will suspend the sale of tickets for the premiere of the series. They have sold more than 30,000 tickets, but if BART becomes more inclusive or the two parties reach a compromise, there may be more.
“It’s great. Everybody talks about it,” Melvin said of the crowd. “That’s what you like. I hope we can win the game.”
Montas started the game perfectly with two games, but the Red Sox honed their number of shots, increased their number of shots and finished fourth in Rafael Devers’ doubles. And he finished fifth in Alex Verdugo singles.
J.B. Wendelken replaced Montas with two outs in the sixth inning and threw a ball to retire Michael Chavez. Wendelken also pitched seventh, Jake Diekman pitched eighth, and Sergio Romo pitched ninth. June league substitute Lou Trivino gave up the deciding game in Game 10. The
pitcher won the game, and the defenders made several impressive games, including two runs by left fielder Tony Camp to catch the ball, even though he also played in Devers’ doubles. Poor, let Bogartes score from the beginning.
But the offense had only two hits in the first eight innings: Lowry’s home run and Schwendel’s singles.
In fact, shortstop Xander Bogaerts made a brilliant play to prevent Schwindel’s singles from reaching the outfield. Otherwise, Chad Pinde can easily score.
“We haven’t had a big volatility yet,” Melvin said. “His players played well tonight. When we needed it, we had great success. I think we will break up at any time.” On the 10th, I then let Seth Brown from third place at the end of the game. Score.
“This game feels like a playoff game,” Andrews said. “This is a team that will mix together like us. Great game, great day. Unfortunately, we did not reach the top.
Brown finished second at the start of overtime and rose to third in another singles match by Jed Lowrie, but Sean Murphy hit him Later, he was doubled at home. Hernandez midway, DH Frank Schwindel appeared


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