Retail giant Wal-Mart is a force that cannot be ignored, not only because of its extensive influence in the market, but also because of its commitment to innovation in the field of consumer services.
Wal-Mart’s recent startup in the healthcare sector is an example of innovation, as the company is trying to become a major supplier to the multi-billion-dollar healthcare industry.
In 2019, Walmart launched its first health center, providing various “services, including primary care, laboratories, X-ray and ECG, consulting, dentistry, optics, hearing, community health (nutrition services, fitness), and education and Health. Medical insurance is registered at a facility outside the convenience store to provide customers with a separate entrance. Regardless of the insurance status, the clinic will provide low and transparent prices for critical medical services for local families.

” Since then, the company has continued to provide Expand services in multiple locations, with the goal of “cooperating with multiple local healthcare providers to be the first of its kind to provide primary and urgent care, laboratories, X-rays and diagnostics. Consultancy, dental, optical and hearing services are all In a facility.
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This One of the most important aspects of this plan to consider is the significant market penetration of Wal-Mart and its stores. As of April 2021, the company has more than 5,000 stores in the United States alone and nearly 5,000 stores worldwide. If Walmart can expand its healthcare services to 25% of its stores, it could significantly change the face of primary care in hundreds of communities.
In addition, if brick and wall products are not enough, Walmart announced in May that it will acquire telemedicine provider MeMD, highlighting the company’s bold commitment to enter the rapidly growing telemedicine market. According to the official statement, the plan “will enable Walmart Health to provide virtual care nationwide, including primary, behavioral and emergency care, to complement our Walmart Health Center.
As stated by Dr. Cheryl Pegus, Executive Vice President of Walmart Health and Wellness Explained, “Telemedicine provides a great opportunity to expand the range of visits and cover where consumers are, and complement our traditional Wal-Mart health locations. Today, people expect omni-channel access to medical services, in our Wal-Mart The addition of telemedicine to the healthcare strategy allows us to provide face-to-face and digital healthcare services through our multiple assets and solutions.” Recently, there have been speculations that this large retailer plans to expand this service to more states.
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In fact, given that telemedicine can provide potentially extensive coverage, this service line of Wal-Mart could one day cover millions of people.
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In addition, in addition to its health service plan, the company also strives to provide patients with comprehensive care. For many years, doctors have recommended patients to Wal-Mart’s famous $4 prescription”, giving patients the opportunity to purchase affordable non-patent prescription drugs. At a time when consumer drug prices and health care costs continue to rise, such plans are crucial.
Last month, Wal-Mart took another revolutionary step in the pharmaceutical field, announcing that it “launched its first private-label analog insulin, which will completely change the accessibility and affordability of diabetes care by providing customers with considerable price savings.” .

At the same time, it does not affect the quality.” For many years, the increase in the price of insulin therapy has been a topic of long-term discussion in mainstream media. Wal-Mart is trying to provide a respite; as detailed on the company’s website: “New products are only available through Wal-Mart’s own brand ReliOn, including vials of simulated insulin (72.88). US$) and FlexPen (US$85.88). These products will save customers 58-75% of the cash price of branded analog insulin products, thereby saving up to US$101 or US$251 for each brand vial or package of brand FlexPens.

Cheryl Pegus Dr. Explains: “We know that many people with diabetes are struggling to cope with the financial burden of this disease, and we focus on helping by providing affordable solutions. We also know that this situation will have a disproportionate impact on the underserved population. With ReliOn NovoLog insulin, we will add a high-quality diabetes medication to the already affordable ReliOn product line and continue our commitment to improving access and reducing the cost of care.

In fact, this may turn into a revolutionary move
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. There is no doubt that the health system is mature and can be innovated and altered. Wal-Mart has access to a wealth of resources, comprehensive market coverage, popularity, and experience in the retail industry. Making the company a powerful force in the healthcare industry for generations to come
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