Jacksonville, Florida – On Thursday night, a government team unanimously decided to end the military career of former astronaut and US Navy Captain Lisa Nowak.
In 2007, Novak ran into his love rival, Corinne Shipman, in the Orlando International Airport parking lot after driving from Houston. Shipman began dating Novak’s lover and former space shuttle pilot Bill Overlain.
On Thursday, an inquiry committee made up of three admirals approved her retirement by 30 votes, calling her service “shameful and demoting her current rank from captain to commander, affecting her salary and pension qualifications.
Novak did not comment on the decision, but remained calm, even though he appeared to be crying. It was obvious she was disappointed, but she was still sitting upright, her hands folded on the table, as she did most of the day.
Novak pleaded guilty to burglary and petty assault in a criminal case in November. She was initially charged with two serious crimes: attempted kidnapping and burglary and misdemeanor. He could have faced life imprisonment for attempted kidnapping.
On Thursday, Novak accepted an interview with her own lawyer and government lawyer. When he met Shipman, the government’s inquiries focused on the items in his bag and car.
At the beginning of the proceedings on Thursday, the government presented as evidence the black wig and compressed air pistol found in the trash can near the location of Novak’s arrest, as well as an approximately 8inch knife and a rubber tube. And a steel mallet were found in the bag he carried with him. He also showed the pepper spray used in the attack.
Novak’s lawyer objected, saying that only wigs and pepper spray were used in the attack, but all items were admitted.
When questioning the government lawyer, Novak again clarified that she only carried the spray and wig with her, while other items were left elsewhere. He said he had other items because he feared Shipman would become violent.
The government also asked him about the diapers he allegedly wore during his travels from Houston. Novak testified that he did not wear a diaper, but he has been in the car since the evacuation drill during Hurricane Rita more than a year ago. He said he used one at the time because he could not enter the hotel.
Interrogation of Novak’s lawyer was more personal, asking him why he decided to become an astronaut. She replied that she had always admired other female astronauts.
When the government lawyer asked her if she thought she was a good ambassador for the NASA program, she said that she wished she was a good ambassador for astronauts.
colleague James Hooper testified today that he worked directly with her and she left a deep impression on him. “There is no doubt,” she was the kind of official he wanted to work for him, he said. She is “very satisfied and honorable.
Next, Novak’s council called her behavior “the behavior of a woman who was ill at the time.” But at the end, the government responded that it had deleted the insanity request from the table and did not use it, indicating that it was aware of its behavior. The
expert group will meet at the Jacksonville Naval Air Station and will provide evidence-based recommendations, which will be sent to the Secretary of the Navy for a final decision. The team has legal counsel in court.
This is not a military court, nor is it Novak’s sentencing team; you are only responsible for deciding on recommendations.
This morning, the expert group also accepted a consultation from Novak’s lawyers, asking if they knew the defendant or if they knew about the case in advance. They were also asked if they knew that Novak might be wearing astronaut diapers during the attack.
In the 2007 incident, Novak, wearing a raincoat and wig, followed Shipman into the parking lot, tried to get into her car, and then attacked her with pepper spray. Shipman was able to walk away.
Shortly afterward, police arrested Novak in the parking lot near the trash can and someone saw her drop a bag. Police found the items displayed at today’s hearing and several large garbage bags in Novaks bag.
Following Novak’s request, Shipman told Circuit Judge Marc Lubet in court: “Almost three years later, I am still in shock from his brutal attack.” “When Lisa When Novak attacked me, I knew in my heart that he was going to kill me …”
“I think I escaped a terrible death that night,” Shipman said.
She described how she was still worried about her life, suffered from nightmares, migraines, high blood pressure and other medical problems, bought a shotgun, and had a concealed weapon license. He currently lives in Alaska with Oefelein.
At the time, Novak apologized for the pain caused to Shipman’s life. “I very much hope that we can all spend it in privacy and peace,” Novak said.
Shipman did not attend the hearing.
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