Fisher Space Pen, the company behind the pressurized writing tool used by astronauts to take notes and mark on-orbit lists on the moon, is about to cross another field: commercial space flight. The
Fisher, which developed a cartridge capable of operating without gravity more than 50 years ago, signed an agreement with Virgin Galactic on the eve of the SpaceShipTwo rocket plane’s first manned flight. Virgin Galactic’s billionaire founder Richard Branson and his five “Unity 22” crew will use the specially decorated Fisher Infinium space after launching to the edge of space on Sunday (July 11) The pen signs their test flight log.
“They are looking for the right pen for this special event. Obviously our name “Space Pen” is really appropriate,” said Joshua Skidmore, Sales and Marketing Director of Fisher Space Pen, in an interview with “The six pens you will give to your crew will be space pens with the Virgin Galactic flight evolution logo.”
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Chrome and black titanium nitride pen will be an Infinium model, and its writing time will be three times that of a regular ballpoint pen. “In fact,” Fisher said on his website, “Infinium Space Pen takes a long time to write, and ordinary users will never run out of ink in their lifetime.” (Virgin Galactic pens are not for sale.) Virgin Galactic “Flight DNA”
, also appeared on the top of the VSS (Virgin Spaceship) device and the back of the crew’s Under Armour flight suit. , Symbolizing the journey of mankind into space through key aviation milestones. The design represents Icarus (from Greek mythology), the Wright aircraft, Charles Lindberg’s “Spirit of St. Louis” monoplane, Chuck Yeager’s Bell X1 supersonic jet, Boeing 747 aircraft, and American Aerospace The icon of the Apollo Lunar Module of the Bureau is featured. , X Prize winner SpaceShipOne and SpaceShipTwo at the top.
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Fisher Space Pen A bullet pen with Virgin Galactic “flying DNA” printed on it will be presented to the audience on Unity 22. 4,444 Fisher Space Pens decorated with Virgin Galactic “flying DNA” will be presented to 22 Unity viewers. (Image Source: Fisher Space Pen)
“Each symbol represents a key moment in the collective journey of creating the world’s first commercial space line,” said Virgin Galactic.
Fisher’s story on that timeline is related to the lunar module. Its space pen was used by NASA on its lunar mission in 1967, and was used by the Soviet space program (now the Russian National Aerospace Corporation) two years later for the first Soyuz flights.
“Since Apollo 7, our pens have flown on every mission piloted by astronauts or with crew members,” Skidmore said. “We also have a lot of commercial airline pilots who carry and use a pilot.” Virgin Galactic was the first company to publicly acknowledge the use of the Fisher Space Pen as part of its aerospace activities.
“This is the first flight not under NASA control, in which the space plume will be part of the incident,” Skidmore said. He was not told whether the pens would board the VSS Unity or wait for the crew after landing. In addition to Branson, the crew of Unity 22 includes pilots Dave Mackay and Michael Masucci, as well as mission experts Beth Moses, Colin Bennett and Sirisha Bandla.
“They mentioned to us that there is no need for flying pens at this time, but this is what I can imagine: they are climbing hundreds of thousands of feet, and the only pen that can work in this environment is a space pen. Pilots can have our AG7 [the same type of pen used by NASA astronauts and Russian astronauts],” he said. The
Infinium will not be the only Virgin Galacticedition Fisher space pen launched at the US Spaceport in New Mexico.
“There will be approximately 550 people attending this event, and everyone will receive a bag of good things,” Skidmore said. “There is also a classic Fisher Space Pen with the Virgin Galactic’Flying DNA’ logo on it.”


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