The 12-year-old Syrian tennis player Hendezaza was the youngest participant in the Tokyo Olympics. He lost in the 40th game to the Austrian veteran Liu Jia who was born in China. This game was described by his opponents as “two A game between famous flag bearers”.
2020 Tokyo Olympics
Hend Zaza from Syria, 12 years old, the youngest participant in the Tokyo Olympics, in the competition… [+] Kobes, Getty Images
Key facts
Although After losing, the 12-year-old table tennis prodigy remained calm throughout the game and even expressed his intention to return with a stronger posture in the next Olympics after the game.
Zaza faces the 39-year-old former European champion Liu Jia, who is more than three times her age. After the game, Liu Jia walked to her and gave her a hug.
According to Reuters, after the game, the young Syrian managed to take a photo with her Austrian opponent. Speaking to reporters after the
game, Zaza called Liu a “tough” and “experienced” opponent, and said that the game was a “good lesson” for her.
At the opening ceremony on Friday, Zaza served as the flag bearer of his country during the parade of athletes.
After the game, Liu told her 10-year-old daughter that she was playing against someone two years older than her. Her daughter’s reaction was “Then you better not lose!
Although he won easily, he won. Liu still praised her young opponent: “If there are sports, there is life. Some people have to endure hardships. They are great and it is not easy for them. She is also a girl – she participated in the Olympics at the age of 12. In my heart, I really admire her. ”
Key Background
Last year, 11year-old Zaza defeated 42-year-old Lebanese player Marianna Sahagin in the West Asia Olympic qualifiers in Jordan, becoming the first Syrian player to win A table tennis player qualified for the Olympics She started playing table tennis at the age of five and was later adopted by a local coach who discovered her talent. The child prodigy spoke about the challenge of running the sport in a war-torn country like Syria. There are frequent power outages in her home country, often forcing her to train only during the day. In an interview with the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), he said that his Olympic ranking is
points, which is a gift to my home country, Syria, my parents and all my friends.
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