The first day of the 2021 NHL draft is right around the corner. For the second year in a row, the draft was held thanks to Covid19, allowing potential clients to celebrate their choice with family and friends rather than taking the stage on a crowded stage.
Restrictions surrounding Covid19 force browsers to rely on video browsers more than ever, which can make the bottom line of the draft particularly shaky. But on draft day itself, it’s all about optimism. Each election is the star of the future, full of potential.
Rounds 2 to 7 will start at 11 am on Saturday. ET. Here are the winners and losers of the first round on Friday.
Winner: University of Michigan Hockey
For the first time in history, three teammates from the same college project were selected into the top five of the draft. As expected, guard Owen Ball scored in the first round of the game against the Buffalo Sabres, and the two centers Matthew Berniers followed closely to become the No. 2 The overall pick is not surprising. At
, Kent Johnson (Kent Johnson), the Canadian is the third-ranked striker of the NHL Central Reconnaissance Team in North America. The skilled scorer and organizer was selected by the Columbus Blue Jackets as No. 5.
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, adding a historic day , and two Michigan freshmen were also selected in the first round. Guard Luke Hughes is fourth with the New Jersey Devils, and forward McKee Samoskevic is 24th with the Florida Panthers.
is 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 213 pounds. Ball has the physics to go straight into the NHL tool. But after a year of online courses and games at the empty Yost Arena, he said he tends to return in his second season to absorb the full college experience. If he and his other preferred players return, the Wolverines may freeze their roster for next season, which will be the team’s opponent to defeat in the NCAA.
Loser: Montreal Canadiens
NHL started this week’s game with the slogan “Hockey is for everyone”. On Monday, the 2020 Nashville Predators third-round pick Luke Prokop (Luke Prokop) became the first active player in the NHL organization to come out and received enthusiastic support.
But the Montreal Canadiens added another dark eye to the league on Friday, when they selected guard Logan Mailloux with the 31st overall pick.
Earlier this week, Frank Seravalli of Daily Faceoff reported that Mailloux was charged and paid a fine. Soon after he came to Sweden to play hockey last fall, he secretly photographed and distributed a photo of a woman in consensual sex, and his OHL London Cavaliers were closed due to Covid19.
Earlier this week, Mailloux posted on Twitter, asking him to be removed from the draft as he worked hard to study and overcome the incident.
In the last second pick of the first round, the Montreal Canadiens chose the blue big right shooter no matter what, and an uproar on social media was instantly caused. This is a shocking and controversial ending, which is said to be a day of hope and celebration.
Winner: Hughes Family
When Michigan made history, one of its recruits also made history. Guard Luke Hughes was selected fourth overall by the New Jersey Devils, making his family the first in NHL history to see the three brothers in the top 10.
The 21-year-old brother Quinn was selected by the Vancouver Canucks with the 7th overall pick in 2018. Jack is a forward, and the New Jersey team’s first place in 2019.
On Friday, when Jack learned that his taller brother had just become his teammate, he couldn’t restrain his excitement.
The Hughes brothers defeated Starr Eric (No. 2 in 2003), Mark (No. 12 in 2005) and Jordan (No. 2 in 2006)-and Sutters-by virtue of their outstanding draft picks. Ron (No. 4), 1982), Rich (No. 10, 1982), Duane (No. 17, 1979), Brent (No. 17, 1980), Brian (No. 20, 1976) and Darryl (No. . 179, 1978).
Losers: Aatu Raty and other throwers.
Whenever a player rises in the draft, the others must fall. Therefore, for every Tyler Boucher, who was named the 25th best skater in North America by Central Scouting but ranked 10th in Ottawa, there is a player like Aatu Raty. Ranked third on Central Scouting’s list of European skaters, Raty is a decent center. Two years ago, he was expected to become the No. 1 pick in this draft.
Raty’s stock plummeted after a few dull seasons, and he was left out of the national team when he was excluded from Finland’s 2021 youth world roster after playing in 2020. But I’m not sure if anyone expected him to fall completely. first round.
With his skills, he can bring huge returns to the team, allowing him to stand out in Saturday’s draft round.
Raty ranks 28th in Bob McKenzie’s highly regarded draft ranking, which is the total of the NHL’s 10 scouts draft list. Other players who did not make MacKenzie’s top 30 on Friday include Canadian center Francisco Pinelli (23rd), Russian winger Nikita Chibrkov (24th), and Russian defender Daniel Cha Card (26th), Canadian forward Logan Stankovin (26th). 27) and Finnish winger Samu Tomala (30th).
Winner: Columbus Blue Jackets
After a disastrous season, the Blue Jackets ranked 28th with a total score of 28th on July 4th and looked at top goalkeeper Matisse Kivlenic. After passing away after a tragic firework accident, the Blue Jackets made lemonade with lemons on Friday. Seth Jones made a sensational deal, he had

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