(NEXSTAR) -Elizabeth Carmel is always ready to debunk the “biggest myth” of barbecue.
Karmel is an award-winning chef and cookbook author. Known as the “BBQ Girl”, she has been barbecuing and barbecuing for over 25 years. He shared his skills on the Food Network television show and Bon Appetit’s cooking column Better. Skills and Experience in Family and Gardens and the Associated Press.
In other words, she is a true barbecue master. But there is a common barbecue practice where you can’t be left behind. Unfortunately, “a lot of chefs and writers tell people to do this,” Carmel said.
“Grease the cooking grate instead of greasing the food,” exclaimed Karmel. “This is a rampant barbecue mistake that a lot of people make. But I’ll tell you why it doesn’t make sense and why it doesn’t work.”
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Karmel said that there are “many” cooks who recommend this practice is not an exaggeration. The internet is full of tutorials from amateur and professional chefs who insist on lightly greasing the grill before placing vegetables or meat on the grill. However, Carmel strongly disagrees.
“I can’t tell you how many home cooks come to me and explain the whole barbecue trauma to me, I can only say, ‘Are you greasing the grill?’ I’ll see them again, they’ll say, ‘God, you changed my whole life.
“If you oil your food instead of the grill, it will solve 60% of your problems,” he added. “This is the myth I want to debunk the most in history.”
Karmel insists that there are several reasons for replacing grills with fat, one of which is juicy and cooked products. “If you don’t oil your food, all the juices and water in the food you cook will slowly evaporate,” Carmel said.
For any skeptic, he offers the following experiment: take two slices of eggplant, one with oil and one without, and then season both. (“Salt won’t even stick” to non-oil-free, he points out.) Place the oiled slices directly on the grill, and then place the oil-free slices on the oil-coated grate.
“Slices without oil will slowly dehydrate…like a piece of cardboard,” he said. “The other, you will see all the juices of that cross-section of the eggplant, you will see them smoking and bubbling under the surface, and the outside is caramelized.”
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In addition to juicy, caramelized foods, Karmel said that if the grill is not sealed, headaches will be reduced in the future. “Oil burns very fast and is very sticky when it burns,” he said. “So if you oil the grate instead of oiling the food, you are actually sticking the food” to the grill, causing the food to become dirty and may burn.
“By lubricating the food, it can retain all the juice in the food, promote caramelization and help prevent adhesion. So this is a win-win,” he said.


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