The offseason for the Golden State Warriors began this week, when the track team’s Marcus Thompson reported that Washington NBA point guard Bradley Beal was at the top of his wish list. The idea of ​​pairing Bill with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green is certainly interesting on the basketball court. But if it is on the table, the financial impact will also prompt the Warriors to reach an agreement. The price of
should be suitable for both teams. Any transaction for the
Warriors will focus on James Wiseman, the 7th and 14th picks of the 2021 draft, and future draft picks. The Warriors previously traded their 2024 draft picks to Memphis, which makes things a bit complicated, but if the trade happens after the draft, they will be able to increase their 2022 draft picks, 2023 and 2025 draft picks. Transaction, and possibly another top pick. 2026…
They need a salary drag, and Andrew Wiggins’ contract is an obvious combination. This in itself can cause some problems, because while the Warriors have had a good season, their league value still doesn’t match the $ 65.2 million remaining in their trade. However, at only two years long, it is no longer as bad as before.
To date, Bill has not requested a transaction and may never do so. But before he chose to become a free agent, he only had one year left on his contract and the Wizards didn’t seem to be going fast. If they decide to take the reconstruction route, it is a good deal. As long as Bill is willing to play for the Warriors after this season, then this deal is meaningful to both parties.
Basketball is suitable for the Bills and the Warriors
The Warriors have successfully formed a top five defense this season behind the resurgent Draymond Green, and Wiggins was previously considered a bad defender. Although Curry has experienced epic seasons at all ages, the problem lies on the offensive end.
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. Adding Bill may not be as straightforward as Kevin Durant joined the Warriors in 2016, but with Curry and Thompson, offensive depth and talent level Will be broken. Bill can play with and without the ball, creating opportunities for himself and others, and shooting almost anywhere. As the space created by fighting side by side with Curry and Thompson and the offensive load are reduced, it is reasonable to expect his efficiency data, especially long-distance data, to increase.
The question mark appeared on the defensive end of the court. However, Bill’s length is good, with a 6-foot-8 wingspan, and he does not have to take on the offense of the entire team, which means he will have more energy for defense. Early in his career, Bill was a reliable guard for a Washington team entering the playoffs. If the Warriors can unlock that version of Bill on defense, they should be fine. Although this puts Thompson into the rotation, he may need to be primarily a wing defender anyway. When he recovers from two serious leg injuries, he cannot protect smaller, faster players.
In the NBA, good offense is often better than good defense. This is not to say that the Warriors do not need to build a first-class defense to compete seriously, but with Bill’s company, their offensive problems will be well resolved.
off the court, the price is absolutely right
‘s deal with Bill paid the Warriors a lot of money. They are currently facing huge luxury tax bills for heavy taxation on 21/22. The following table lists various off-season conditions and the resulting luxury tax bills.
As shown in the table, if the Warriors just retain their picks, use their mid-level exception (MLE) taxpayer and fill in the minimum standards for veterans, they will see an impressive combined salary and a luxury tax of more than $ The bill will be 380 million next season. If they want to bring Kelly Oubre back, or use his contract in signing and trading to bring back a player with similar income, then this number will jump to nearly 460 million US dollars. This is much higher than the financial constraints mentioned by general manager Bob Myers at the end of the season.
compares it to the scenario involving the Bill transaction. If they trade in accordance with the regulations and use the taxpayer’s MLE, their bill will be reduced to US $ 305 million, which represents a savings of more than US $ 75 million compared to the corresponding situation without transactions.
Alternatively, they can bring Kelly Oubre back instead of using the taxpayer’s MLE, and it’s still lower than if there is no transaction. Considering the defensive challenges they may face, allowing Aubrey to absorb playing time as a defensive end may be the answer to your question. If Oubre isn’t ready to return, they can still try creating a trade player exception for that number so they can use it to increase talent in the future. In addition, the taxpayer’s MLE requires a total of US$407 million, which is only north of the US$400 million limit Myers said, but not so far away that you can’t imagine the Warriors CEO Joe Lacob Will sign something. This could mean another championship ring.
All in all, the reason the Golden State Warriors are seeking a Bradley Beal trade this week is not just basketball.

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