Russia, Ukraine Peace Talks End, Second Round Planned: 10 Developments
Ukraine War: European Union members have announced new sanctions and assured Ukraine of more military support in the coming days.
WorldNDTV News Desk (with inputs from Agencies)Updated: February 28, 2022 11:02 pm IST

Ukraine War: Ukraine retains control over its major cities, including capital Kyiv
Ukraine has demanded the retreat of all Russian forces from its territory during talks between Kyiv and Moscow on the Belarusian border today. The two countries are now planning a second round of talks.
Here are the 10 latest developments:

“Talks with the Ukrainian side which lasted about five hours have just wrapped up. We discussed in detail all the items on the agenda and found some common points on which we predict common positions can be found,” Russian state-owned news agency Sputnik reported.

Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of Ukrainian President’s Office, confirmed that a second round of talks was discussed. “The two sides identified a number of priority topics on which certain decisions have been outlined. In order for them to have an opportunity to be implemented…the parties are leaving for consultations in their respective capitals. The possibility of a second round of negotiations in the near future during which these topics will receive concrete, practical development was discussed,” Mr Podolyak said.

The talks were held at Ukraine’s border with Belarus — near the Chernobyl exclusion zone — after a call between President Volodymyr Zelensky and Belarus leader Alexander Lukashenko. Ukraine had earlier refused to talk in Belarus, where Russian troops were stationed before the invasion.

The UN has said 102 civilians, including seven children, have been killed in Ukraine. The UN refugee agency has said tens of thousands are fleeing the fighting, with most crossing into Poland as the total count reaches 400,000. Others are seeking shelter in Hungary, Romania, Moldova and Slovakia. Pope Francis has called for corridors for civilians to escape the fighting.

Mr Putin told his French counterpart that the demilitarisation of Ukraine and Western recognition of Russian sovereignty over the Crimean peninsula were prerequisites to ending fighting in Ukraine, the Kremlin said.

The United Nations Security Council will hold a rare emergency special session of the General Assembly today to discuss Russia’s attack on Ukraine. India abstained from the procedural vote, but welcomed the talks between Moscow and Kyiv.

Russia’s invasion force has lost momentum and is having logistical and supply problems after facing stiff Ukrainian resistance, the White House claims. However, Russia military has claimed air superiority in Ukraine and alleged that Ukraine is using civilians as human “shield”.

Ukraine claims to have expelled Russian troops from its second city Kharkiv in the east of the country after Russian armoured vehicles got through its defences. The country says it is holding the line around capital Kyiv. Ukrainian military said Monday that Russian troops had slowed down “the pace of the offensive”.

Protests are building up against the invasion. Hundreds of thousands of people are taking part in solidarity marches from Berlin to Baghdad to Quito. Within Russia, over 5,000 people have been arrested for demonstrating against the attack.

European Union members have announced new sanctions and assured Ukraine of more military support in the coming days. The countries will even send fighter jets to help Ukraine counter the Russian assault, the bloc’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said Sunday.,94850,94851,94852,94853,94854,94855,94856,94857,94859,94861,94890,94891,94892,94893,94894,94896,94897,94898,94907,94908,94913,94915,94935,94936,94937,94939,94940,94941,94942,94943,94948,94950,94957,94956,94963,94962,95042,95043

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