The terms NASCAR and organized labor are the same as oil and water. In its history, the people involved in the sport have never really wanted drivers to organize themselves into any form of formal union. In fact, in NASCAR’s long history, they have made no secret of how they feel about it.
driver Curtis Turner (Curtis Turner) tried to form an automobile workshop with his partner Bruton Smith when he built Charlotte Speedway in 1961. NASCAR founder Big” Bill France will not accept it and prohibit any union drivers from competing on NASCAR-licensed tracks. Except for Turner and Tim Flock, the other drivers followed the company route and refused to join the union.
France expelled Flock and Turner from NASCAR for life, and Charlotte Motor Speedway was forced to file for bankruptcy just over a year after opening.
Curtis Turner
Curtis Turner participated in 183 NASCAR Cup events from 1949 to 1968 and won 17 times. I have more... [+] ISC file / CQROLL call group will be reestablished via GETTY IMAGES
Turner and Flock, Turner in 1965, Flock in 1966, Charlotte Motor Speedway will recover from bankruptcy, but the news has been released.
In 1969, 11 drivers led by Richard Petty established the Professional Drivers Association (PDA). Although it is not called a union”, it has all the elements of one. Its purpose is to help drivers obtain a higher proportion of bonuses, insurance plans and safer racing conditions. The PDA lasted until the first game held at the Talladega Superspeedway in September 1969. When testing the tires on a new track built and owned by the French family, tire problems began to appear. Fearing for their safety, PDA drivers, many of whom were NASCAR’s biggest stars at the time, chose to boycott the race. In response, Bill France called a group of non-PDA drivers and the race continued. Seeing that their voices and stamina seemed the same, the PDA quickly collapsed.
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. Last time that the pilots tried to organize a race was in 2014, but this time it was mostly out of the public eye. This work was led by Denny Hamlin because NASCAR was trying to adjust the rules to provide more passes on the track, but the drivers barely participated. At the time, Hamlin recruited almost every driver in the series. Later, he and Jeff Gordon were called to NASCAR for a meeting.
“I remember (former NASCAR CEO and Big Bill’s grandson) Brian France let us sit down and gave us a long time, ‘Be very careful with the antitrust laws here. There are contracts, you know, this can get very illegal, wait, wait, “Hamlin said at the time. “They definitely don’t want a driver’s union. I still don’t think they want a car workshop. ”
” I thought about it for a while and realized that what I really need to focus on is the track,” Hamlin said. “It will take time to get a real right. I mean we will have to hire employees, and we will all have to share a lot of legal fees for all of this.
“I think it’s just a matter of losing a bit of steam and the driver’s advice that NASCAR came out and lasted for a few years.
Racing driver Richard Petty in a black cowboy hat
In 1969, 11 drivers led by Richard Petty formed the Professional Drivers Association (PDA). BETTMANN File
The Drivers Committee is an effort by NASCAR to collect driver input. Met in 2015 and consists of 8-10. Meets quarterly with NASCAR officials to discuss competition issues and rules. Drivers’ committee
fell apart at the end of the 2018 season. Since then, when drivers visit NASCAR porters on the track, NASCAR has solicited their opinions informally and regularly, but sometimes by phone and email. . The issue of the
driver organization was discussed again, but again it was led by Danny Hamlin.
The problem that NASCAR received feedback from its drivers occurred before Atlanta’s second race this year. The track announced that after the race, the track will be resurfaced for the first time in nearly 25 years, it will also be reconfigured and the banking business will increase in turn. Speedway Motorsports Incorporated, which owns the track and is run by Bruton Smith’s son Marcus, announced the news a few days before the race, which caught the drivers off guard, because apparently no one had consulted.
Around this time, the results of a recent crash test involving NASCAR’s Next Gen car, which will make its debut next season, were announced. Several drivers stated that they had little information other than a lack of actual or perceived feedback from NASCAR-issued sanctions agencies.
“When we went to a drivers’ meeting where NASCAR showed us everything,” said driver Kevin Harvick. “I think the most frustrating part of the whole process is the fact that the safety and protection required by the driver and dialogue with the driver happens at the end of everything. I think when you see this, I think that driving a car should be respected. at least, at least enough to be a part of it

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