The Central Council of Messianic Jews alerts all fellow believers to leave Ukraine immediately for security concerns!
02-12-2022 12:51 AM CET | Politics, Law & Society
Press release from: Zentralrat der Messianischen Juden
Symbol of Messianic Judaism

Symbol of Messianic Judaism
The Central Council of Messianic Jews in Germany’s representative for messianic Jews in Eastern Europe, Mr. Dima Fisher, calls on those religious minorities represented by the council to leave Ukraine immediately. In case a complete departure from Ukraine is not possible, attempts should be made, at the latest within the next 24 to 48 hours, to find refuge in small towns in western Ukraine, from which the border with neighboring NATO member countries is within walking distance. Appropriate emergency supplies and especially documents should be carried carefully and protected against snow and rain as checkpoints might be set up where none of these were before.

The Central Council will be available also throughout the weekends in case (messianic) Jews and other represented religious minorities need logistical advice. Due to the volume of requests already received and the limited availability of highly skilled experts, contact should be made in German, English, Yiddish or Hebrew. Furthermore, any person who wants to ask for logistic advice has to make credible that he/she is really Jewish, Old-Apostolic and/or a Panentheist.

The chairman of the Central Council of Messianic Jews in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the EU, Mr. Ben Feldman, emphasizes the hope for a peaceful outcome despite all the bad news.

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