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The Cleveland Major League Baseball team’s marketing staff put it into action to become a stand-in for the “Indians” and should be fired on the spot. On the other hand, the overall name change announced by the incoming Guardian executive on Friday is generally good. The same is true for the
Washington football team. Formerly known as the Redskins, they joined the ranks of Indian managers with Native American images.
Therefore, as other members of the sports world follow these races into the 21st century, the people who managed the Atlanta Braves continued to stay in the 19th century to embarrass themselves, they didn’t care about anything.
They really can’t.
They boast. They are in the cradle of the civil rights movement-the hometown of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.-the black shrine-the place where African Americans have an important middle class-and the so-called New South and not elsewhere-this way Do. That is to get a group of white people together to show off racial stereotypes.
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Ohh, Ohhh4h4h. Chapter
Ohhhhh, it’s like this: Although Warriors officials claim they will never change their names (the same goes for the Kansas City Chiefs, Chicago Blackhawks, and Florida Seminole), you’d think Warriors officials would be there in At least urge Atlanta fans to end their 30-year practice of yelling tomahawk carols while wielding tomahawks at home games.
Instead, Braves officials encouraged all of this. I live in the Atlanta area and after entering The Battery, I saw all the content that I just entered. This is a $ 1.1 billion complex with restaurants, shops, and other venues, including Truist Park where the Warriors play. This combination helped Forbes rank his team 11th in the 2021 Major League Baseball team valuation at $ 1.875 billion.
MLB: May 11 Blue Jays at Braves
Atlanta, GA May 11: Fans played The Chop ... [+] ICON SPORTSWIRE VIA GETTY IMAGES
This is a typical Brave game: During a recent trip to Truist Park, the home team meeting and the away team changed their pitching postures. I watched the video screen. I saw a digital battle axe swinging up and down with the sound of the constant tapping of the public address system. Then I saw the stadium, mostly white fans, turned into a sea of ​​hands, imitating the tailoring on the screen, and it sounded like we were in a bad 1930s West.
Ohhhhhh. Chapter
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh After
seconds, Officer Braves completed the digital editing on the screen, and the sound of studio drums sounded from the speakers. They released this song, presumably for those of us who were terrified by the editing and singing:
I don’t care. I don’t like it
I don’t care, I like it, I like it
I don’t care, I like it
I don’t care, I like it, I like it
I don’t care
I like it.
Braves officers played the 2012 Icona Pop song “I love it” at the time. Is this a coincidence, right after the recording and singing they inspired caused some of us to roll our eyes? Chapter
Here’s a more important question: If this is the principled position of the brave officials, why do they have the courage to tell people why they show their negative descriptions of Native Americans? small world how to think?
Warriors officials will not respond to questions from the local or national media about why they insist on retaining the anti-Indian (Guardian) / Redskins (Washington football team) franchise.
They will not even reply to messages on the subject.
Pittsburgh Pirates v Atlanta Warriors
Atlanta, Georgia May 23: Ronald Acuña Jr. # 13 and Ozzie Albies # 1 of the Atlanta Warriors celebrate their … [+] GETTY IMAGES
I know. When I saw the months turn into over a year for the designated Brave Team spokesperson to respond to the franchise name, label, and Carol’s position in an ever-changing society, I am like everyone else in the media. communication. People are trying to do this.
I got no response.
Although Braves officials refused to laugh at Native Americans (think the word “coward”) to them, they were unsustainable, but they missed the chance to host the All-Star game this summer. After the Republican governor of Georgia signed a majority Republican state legislature bill that restricts and hinders voting in the state, Commissioner Rob Manfred transferred him to Denver, which unexpectedly emphasized the African-American area near Atlanta.
Then came the mediocrity of the Warriors in the standings. Although the team has a complete lineup and the team was selected as one of the strong contenders for the 2021 World Series before the season, the Warriors are tied with the Miami Marlins and Texas Rangers as they have never owned The only team. There is no record year for winning at any time. year.


Ohh, Ohhhhhh




To paraphrase what my grandmother used to say, the baseball gods don’t like ugly, and they aren’t fond of cowards.

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