Shasta County LAKEHEAD-Darlene Sherrill knew what was wrong when the smoke began to roll over the ridge of her cottage north of Shasta Lake. The strange feathers obscured the sun, turning the trees into a strange orange mist.
In order to better understand the fire that is about to be called the salt fire, this is the most violent of the three fires in remote Northern California. Late on Wednesday night, he saw a fire truck along his road. Driving on winding roads near small woods. She asked if she needed to evacuate. The answer is yes.

Within a few hours, at least a dozen homes on rural Gregory Creek acre, 25 miles north of Reading, were burned, including Cheryl. She and her husband, who lives in Danville, moved into the cabin in November. They filled it with furniture that he built to make sure they could comfortably accommodate the visit of 19 children, their spouses and grandchildren.
“Let the fire hit your house and destroy it. It feels like rape, probably in a few minutes,” Sheryl said by phone from a hotel in Reading on Friday.

U.S. Forest Service officials confirmed that several buildings in and around the small Lake Head community near Interstate 5 in Shasta County were destroyed by 5,043 acres of salty fire, but have not yet determined the total number and location. As the fire continues through the forest on the northwest side of Lake Shasta, its focus remains keeping people safe.

At a campsite by the lake, the campers were suddenly evacuated. Uno cards, Jameson bottles, and Coca-Cola cans are still scattered on the table. In one place, two tents were erected, while the other had melted into blue shards.
Triple-digit high temperatures and dry hills accelerated the spread of the flames. Authorities claimed that the fire situation is similar to the situation in late summer (rather than early July), and thousands of rural residents were advised to leave, which is the abrupt and unexpected start of the fire season. 2021 fires.

At around 1 pm, a vehicle driving on I5, about 30 miles north of Reading, is believed to have caused a salt fire on Wednesday. Forest Service investigators are trying to identify the car or truck that caught fire to prevent another fire.
On Friday afternoon, the fire threatened residents living in the northern part of the lake. Firefighters said that light winds and a slight drop in temperature are helping workers begin to put out the fire, but the dry hills of Tinder continue to pose a challenge. According to reports, only 5% of the fire was controlled.

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“Even without significant wind activity, we are indeed in a situation where the fire spreads faster,” said Adrienne Freeman, a public affairs officer at Shasta Trinity National Forest, where most of the salt fire is moving. “We see fuel moisture and diffusion rates more consistent with the situation in late August.

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Cassandra Odom waits to see if the fire starts She is near the house of the head of the lake.

On Wednesday night, after seeing the orange sky across the ridge, he hastily loaded nearly 40 cats and dogs into his car. Many of them were old and seriously injured. She and her partner Derek Lockhart (Derek Lockhart, as part of his for-profit organization Noah, takes care of them Ark Animal Paradise and Rescue. in his car, Odom will only open the car door to release them if this happens
“I’m scared,” he said. “Our main goal is to protect the safety of these animals.

“At 3 am the next day, Odom decided that she could now sit down and open the luggage. She asked for help on social media and received many replies from friends and friends. The neighbors proposed to use a larger trailer to evacuate all animals. She said that she had only slept for six hours in the past three days, taking turns watching the fire with Lockhart. About 50 miles north of
, a lava fire broke out near the nearby Weide community. By Friday, the land area in Siskiyou County had increased to nearly 24,000 acres. The fire was triggered by lightning on June 25 and marked the largest fire in Northern California’s young fire season.

Some buildings in rural areas were burned down, but the authorities did not provide details. The fire continues to ravage Shasta Trinity National Forest and adjacent private land, near the foot of Mount Shasta at an altitude of 14,163 feet. Firefighters reported that the rate of transmission has slowed, citing 27% control on Friday afternoon.
Although the Lava Fire evacuation order is still in effect for a few areas north of Weed along Highway 97, many of the thousands who initially fled were granted permission to return to their homes. Highway 97 in the area remains closed. 4,444 passengers who went to North State on the weekend of July 4 have been warned of possible traffic delays due to the fire. Although I5 reopened after closing for a few hours on Thursday, authorities said it could close more.
Lava Fire Approximately 20 miles northeast of Tennant Fire covering 9,836 acres



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