The first game of the Beach Volleyball Olympic Championship was canceled on Saturday morning because one of the participants tested positive for Covid19 earlier this week. This is the first time that the Tokyo Olympics have been canceled related to the coronavirus and heralds the Olympics. by the organizers
Beach Volleyball Olympic Games: Day 1
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Key facts
Czech player Markéta Sluková is a Czech athlete Uno tested positive for Covid19 earlier this week, prompting her and her partner Markéta Sluková to withdraw from the competition.
Cancellation means that her opponents, Japan’s Megumi Murakami and Miki Ishii, will win by default and move on.
There are ten beach volleyball matches on Saturday, but so far, the general atmosphere of the event is in stark contrast to the atmosphere of beach parties in Rio de Janeiro and London.
The Brazilian men’s and women’s teams defeated their mainland rivals Argentina in the sweltering summer of Tokyo and the temperature reached 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
A DJ played music in the stands and published a script commentary. The only other people in attendance were six dancers.
“In Brazil, we have the greatest support. There are many, many people cheering for us, and here we remain silent,” Brazilian Ágatha Bednarczuk, who won the silver medal at the Rio Olympics, told The Associated Press. “We need to put our emotions into the game because we can’t get emotions from them. For me, playing with emotions is very important, that’s why I have to get it out of my heart.
Key Background
On Saturday, the Olympic Organizing Committee reported 17 new cases of Covid19 related to the Olympic Games. This included a foreign athlete who did not live in the competition village, 14 contractors and two competition officials, one of them living in the village. . Since the beginning of July, 123 people who participated in the Olympics have tested positive for Covid19, including several athletes who live in the competition village. According to the Covid rules of the event, athletes who test positive must be accepted for 14 days Mandatory isolation The rest of the athletes who have had close contact with a positive case do not need to be isolated, if they test negative within six hours after the start of the competition, they will be allowed to participate in the competition.
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