The Green Bay Packers won 133 games last season, won the NFC North and entered the NFC Championship for the second consecutive year. However, the Packers lost 3126 times to Tampa Bay in the Divisional Championship, and the offseason was full of drama.
Quarterback Aaron Rogers wants to leave Green Bay, and the Las Vegas sports betting company is now preparing for his retirement. Please stay tuned for more theaters in the coming days.
With or without Rogers, Green Bay will start training camp practice on July 28th. For the rest of this month, I will count the “top 30 packers” entering the 2021 season.
Ranked eighth is left back Elgerton Jenkins. Other players who have entered the top 30 are listed at the end of the story.
No. 8
LG Elgton Jenkins
Last season: Jenkins played 828 times at left back, 97 times at center, 32 right tackles, and 27 left tackles. He handled every task calmly and was selected to participate in his first professional bowl.
Jenkins became the first Green Bay offensive linebacker to start playing in the same season since the merger in 1970, including guards, crosses and tackles. In the win over San Francisco, he also played left back, left tackle and center.
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. Out of 733 passes , Jenkins only allowed one bag. After five free throws in the first eight games, he did not receive a single free throw for the remainder of the year. Career to date
years: Jenkins began his rookie year in 2019 as a top-tier inside bench, then took over as left back when Lane Taylor suffered a bicep injury late in the season. Jenkins, a second-round pick, had an unforgettable first season.
Jenkins was named the best rookie guard in Pro Football Focus and was also the top 10 left back. In 571 passes to block the game, Jenkins was not allowed to be sacked.
Jenkins (65, 311) has 8 penalties in 964 games in 2019. But he did well in running competitions and proved to be a fast learner.
At Mississippi State University, Jenkins played all five positions on the offensive line. He started 26 crosses in Year 18 of 2017 and 5 left tackles, 2 left backs and 1 right back in 16 years of 2015.
Jenkins has the longest arm (34 inches) of any center in the 2019 draft, scoring Wonderlic, 19. The Packers love his athleticism and versatility, and he has become one of the steals in the 2019 draft.
Outlook: Jenkins’ extraordinary versatility makes it difficult to predict what will happen in 2021.
In his first two seasons he has proven to be a dominant left back, ideally he will be there when the new Green Bay season kicks off. However, this may not be possible.
If left tackle David Bakhtiari (ACL) doesn’t start in Week 1, Jenkins appears to be the main candidate for the perimeter. If the Packers choose to use Billy Turner for a left tackle, Jenkins can rebound and make a right tackle. If rookie center Josh Myers isn’t ready, Jenkins can play there too.
What the Packers have learned over the past two years, however, is that no matter where Jenkins lines up, he can play great football.
“He’s a rare person in this league, an athletic person who can play to the limit. Usually you get your center forward and defender, and they don’t have the combination of height and athletic ability to tackle tackles and fight. With good lead runners they compete, but Elgerton has these tools. He’s tall, he’s tall, so he’s a very versatile man, a very smart player. You can make him walk and the game is for him. He’s not that big. Understand everything. Very smart football. Let him tackle the ball, this may not be his best position, but he’s still a very, very good tackler. “- Packers offensive line coach Adam Steinovic talks about Jenkins hitting left tackle
” Obviously, Elgerton Jenkins has always been an excellent player and has come back from his first opportunity. He is very good, able to line up in any of the five positions. It is very rare to be able to play a high level game, and it is simply unheard of. “- Packers coach Matt LaFleur on Jenkins
” Elgton has been great since he first came here. I think the most important thing is that he is a very smart player, which is not too much for him. So he came out and felt good for the whole team, the offensive line room and all of us. He just went out to play. It’s nice to see. You can see him playing guard to tackle the center. He is a man who has the courage to face challenges, loves the game and is very intelligent. This is one of them, he can do a lot of things, I think it allows him to play a high level of competition. “-Packers offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett vs. Jenkins
• No. 30 – OG Jon Runyan
• No. 29 – ILB De`Vondre Campbell
• No. 28 – WR / PR Amari Rodgers
– • CB Chandon Sullivan
• No. 26 – ILB Chris Barnes
• No. 25 – WR Allen Lazard
• No. 24 – CB Eric Stokes
• No. 23 – DE Kingsley Keke
• No. 22 – OG44 Patrick

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